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Receta modificada: 07/05/2017
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Preparación paso a paso

  1. ngredients :

    Waste Polypropylene (plastic cases, tupperwares, car interior, cups etc... marked 5 on the plastic).
    electrical wire
    bulb and lamp connector
  2. Tools :

    Polyfloss Machine
    Metal Mold
    fume mask
    silicone oil spray
  3. cut the waste plastic into small chips with scissors / by hand.
  4. put the waste into the Polyfloss Machine, it will make a kind of wool of plastic.
  5. heat the oven to 350°C (if your oven has a temperature limitation, take it off, it's very easy).
  6. put the metal mold inside for 15 minutes
  7. once the metal mold is hot, take it out and spray the silicone oil evenly (it will make the demolding very easy).
  8. take the flossed plastic and press it by hand in the metal mold (with gloves and fume mask)
  9. After 10 minutes cooling, you can take the plastic piece out.
  10. cut a whole in the bottom with a knife, and put the lamp connector as well as the bulb and the wire.
  11. you're done !