Wine Cabinet , Bacchus

Receta publicada: 05/10/2016
Receta modificada: 06/05/2017
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Wine Cabinet , Bacchus

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  1. Bacchus, wine cabinet Is composed out of tree elements: an old WW1 ammunition trunk, an inserted MDF casket which can hold up to 12 wine bottles and led-light.

    The general idea was to convert an old trunk into a practical object without interfering with its external appearance. Thus, giving a second life to unwanted or unused artefacts.

    The idea came up after I had obtained a beautiful old casket for which initially, I had no use.

    Having a preference for wine I designed a modular 70ties inspired wine rack, which could be inserted in the casket.

    The rack itself can be seen as a standard design that one can easily combine with any old items. The rack/frame is stand alone, self-supportive and is easy to build. Its design can be inserted in any casket. The frame can be redrawn, and lasercut to fit in any piece of furniture no matter the size or material the latter is made of.

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